Hawwaa Ibrahim Designer Profile


Hawwaa Ibrahim is a nineteen-year-old Muslim fashion designer, blogger, and activist who is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Hawwaa moved to Minnesota when she was four. During their middle school years, Hawwaa started learning how to sew by watching YouTube videos.


Only a few years after they learned, they participated in the Reality TV Design Competition called Project Runway Junior Season Two and placed third overall. Shortly after, they began to create custom designs and collections that represented various social topics such as the burning political climate and society’s beauty standards all under their point of view. Hawwaa has also been featured in numerous magazines, including “Marie Claire” and “Girls’ Life” for their unique look and openness to a more free kind of thinking. For their future goals, Hawwaa hopes to create a brand that is all inclusive to women, men, and those who consider themselves anything else.



Kennis Baptiste Artist Profile

Throughout my childhood I was told that he had some artistic talent, but I  never bothered to take it seriously.  Instead of traveling the road of an artist, I decided to concentrate on scientific disciplines such as math and science. I later obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering and I am currently working in that field.
I started my artistic journey by experimenting with acrylic and oil paints. I later started to study and experiment with different abstract ways of capturing movement and energy.  During this experimental period, I was able to find my own unique style of expression.
My name is Kennis Baptiste
As my art form slowly evolved, the quality of my paintings improved and my knowledge and interest in fine arts also increased. As an urban artist of African and Caribbean decent, I believe that inspiration can be found almost anywhere.  All one has to do is open their eyes, keep an open mind and draw their inspiration from what they see in their community and in the world.
I am inspired by the works of Impressionist painters.  I greatly admire Picasso’s style of expression, Monet’s use of mass, and Cézanne’s use of color.  After producing a large number of paintings within a five year period, I decided to expose his work to the public.  The feedback that I received was overwhelming. The response from the audience and the realization of this gift inspired me to study and create more paintings.
My art is also influenced by mentors, friends and fellow artists in the fine arts community.  I feel that knowledge is the key to success, and I will continue to educate myself as I continue to travel on my artistic journey.

Kennis Baptiste


Lesley Koenig Artist Profile


Being an artist is about being present in the moment and transforming that instant of existence into a visual communication that inspires, endures and becomes an atmospheric catalyst or wellbeing. What does that mean?  That means that my task is not only to look, but to perceive; everyone and everything around me.  To translate all that is going on and channel that into the one vibration,the one common denominator that is resonating everywhere at that one instant in time.  My game is to harmonize all of that stimuli, get it down on a two dimensional plane and then shoot it back out into the world.  Applying my tools and artistic knowledge, I make all those nuances an enjoyable visible experience.  Then I look at it and others look at it and feel something good about it. The product is works of art that contribute to the beauty of the viewer’s environment.


Since 2013, the year she dedicated her lifelong painting skills to fine art, Lesley Koenig has achieved stellar accomplishments. Her abstracts have been juried into many shows including invitations to international online galleries and also winning an award.  So far in 2015, she has been selected for two solo exhibitions. Her inspiration is fueled by many elements; from classical art, architecture, music, nature and observing everyday life. Koenig was born in New York and studied at Parsons School of Design and The Art Students League.


As a professional artist,   LESLEY KOENIG  goal is to make spaces more beautiful.  Choosing high grade, archival, museum grade materials ensures my products endure in beauty and value for generations to come.    Email her  at:  info@lesleykoenigfineart.com re questions on shipping charges on originals or to order custom paintings.


Purchase this CINCO DE MAYO-ORIGINAL   painting  :  HERE


Purchase this SAMBA painting  : HERE


Purchase this THROWING CONFETTI painting  :  HERE


Check out more of LESLEY KOENIG    Art Work : Here


I create art because it’s a need–like needing to breathe. Making art has been my favorite activity for as long as I can remember; probably going back before my earliest memory of being given a watercolor set at ag 6. I sat there painting for 12 hours! Hard to believe, but it happened!

My work is colorful, vibrant and energetic. It helps me to put more beauty in the world. That’s my main purpose in life. I’m very fortunate that my work helps not only me but others to connect with that fun, happy, wondrous, bright spark of individuality inside. Original art has timeless, magnetic and magical qualities of providing happiness, inspiration and sense of well being. It’s great to receive so many compliments about how my paintings help others to have, connect and reconnect with positive, pleasurable states of mind and experiences over and over again.

Being a contemporary artist is the path in life that enables the best expression of myself. I work intuitively, picking up colors with no prior thought in mind. In creating each unique piece, I use layers of different mediums, surfaces, tools and techniques.

I strive to create a push-pull of opposites; flat against texture, a color against its opposite, shiny against matte. I love using palette knives, spatulas and whatever different and unconventional tools add to the mix. Using different mediums and varying the tools for different genres is a natural component of my creative process.

There is no intention to develop something with a figurative reference, but this often emerges during the process. This always comes as a surprise and I don’t fight against it. As a former fashion designer and illustrator, I often find this very amusing. From that career, I bring a great sense of line, color, proportion, texture and the skill set to confidently and responsibly research, create and realize products that cater to a diversity of tastes.

Although I embark with no set plan in mind, my instinctive reactions are based on years of being immersed in the arts. Each choice of medium, tools, each mark I put down on the surface, every brushstroke, the type of texture, the way the colors relate to one another and the decisions about the placement of every element in my composition–all this is based on my entire life history up to the moment I create a piece. You might say it’s impulse with a lot of history behind it.

Painting for me is a journey rather than a destination. I observe, looking for clues and taking the turns I feel that lead to the happy outcome of a beautiful interplay of colors, textures and proportions that is uplifting to the onlooker. In creating a piece reaching that point brings me serenity.

Debbie Eschoe  Artist Profile

Abstract Tulip Flowers By Debbie Photos

Debbie Eschoe is a Jamaican born Visual Artist who lives in New York City. She studied film photography in college and is a self taught digital artist who spent the last decade honing her skills. Debbie is versed in a variety of mediums – photography, painting, graphic and web design to name a few but her primary focus is digital photography. She is also one of   the curators of the art blog, Sizzle Arts launched in 2017. Debbie’s diverse body of work was  on display with her first photography exhibition on Saturday, April 28th 2018 in her adoptive hometown of New York City.


Check her out  : HERE


Willie Torbert Artist Profile



Willie Torbert has taught within the New York City Board of Education for ten years. During his work with the New York Public School System, Willie exposed his students to many facets of art through an array of mediums. When Willie moved away from his teaching job to work on his craft full time, he received an award of citation for his dedication and worked with the children of the borough of Brooklyn from Howard Golden, the Brooklyn Borough President. The Nubian Women’s Art Circle recently honored Willie for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the art of the African Diaspora.


Willie works in a variety of media, including oil, ink, and collage to produce singular and highly stylized representations of African American life. Scenes of street life and images of jazz and blues musicians, and heroic African queens and warriors often populate his work.  Also, he graciously acknowledges the almost certain influence of other major black artists.  Indeed, Willie has previously stated that “it changed my life” when he saw Romare Bearden’s images of Harlem in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum many years ago.

Donovan Nelson Artist Profile


Donovan Nelson was born in Manchester, Jamaica. He moved to the United States in 1982 and where he received a B.F.A in illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA (1995). In addition, he studied portraiture and figure painting at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Nelson is M.F.A. graduate from the New York Academy where he studied with Martha Erlebacher, Vincent Desiderio, Jack Beal, Alfred Lesley, and Juan Cardenas.A

Answerd Stewart Artist Profile




Answerd Stewart

Families building their senses of home with neighborly love and spiritual connectedness. Multicolor musical instruments growing legs to dance. Pen-and-ink drawn lovers linked in a nest of the littlest lines.

These are the themes artist Answerd Stewart has been trying to capture for the past 20 years as he labors tirelessly on his latest series of fascinating works, called Brown Images, which explores the nature of relationships within the contemporary, urban landscape.Just like home, music is an important theme as well. As some argue, it is the highest of the arts because of its temporality and ephemerally as each passing note reverberates through us.

Stewart grew up in Brooklyn, New York City, indisputably the world’s foremost magical musical garden filled with the newest flowering of music and art. With immigrants from all around the world, these cultures make a cubist clash of lifestyles, histories, outlooks and expressions that keeps it all struggling in synchronicity.

“I initially created art as a means of relaxation but as people began to appreciate my work, it fueled me to create more. I create art that speaks to the whole human spectrum, any race any creed, as in “Harmonious Beginnings,” a celebration of the tying together of two souls harmonizing together, illustrating the inseparability of emotion and beauty, friendship and family, togetherness and emancipation, and love and spirituality.”

Of Jamaican-American heritage, Stewart knows what it is like to have more than one spiritual home, whether one in the islands or in the urban jungle of New York City or in the public and private places of worship, including his studio. Always unafraid to flex his creative muscles, Stewart spends weeks on each painting, delicately and defly balancing pen and ink, acrylic paints and opaque washes and many other media.

A child at play like any good artist, he is hard at work here, sounding the horn of human expressions laid down as masterfully as a virtuoso on a violin. Through his world history studies at Brooklyn College, he learned his heavy lessons, reflected in the gravity of some of his works. He graduated with a world history degree so he could teach young people, which he did steadfastly for many years.

Also a father, Stewart’s patient, teacherlike and pensive sensibilities are at work when you go to decode his pieces.

And like playing a magnificent album over again, one never tires of finding new lessons which are always embedded in the oil and acrylic swatches of brushwork.

Stewart has exhibited his work extensively nationwide over  the years as demand for his creative vision grows.