Hawwaa Ibrahim Designer Profile


Hawwaa Ibrahim is a nineteen-year-old Muslim fashion designer, blogger, and activist who is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Hawwaa moved to Minnesota when she was four. During their middle school years, Hawwaa started learning how to sew by watching YouTube videos.


Only a few years after they learned, they participated in the Reality TV Design Competition called Project Runway Junior Season Two and placed third overall. Shortly after, they began to create custom designs and collections that represented various social topics such as the burning political climate and society’s beauty standards all under their point of view. Hawwaa has also been featured in numerous magazines, including “Marie Claire” and “Girls’ Life” for their unique look and openness to a more free kind of thinking. For their future goals, Hawwaa hopes to create a brand that is all inclusive to women, men, and those who consider themselves anything else.



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