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Throughout my childhood I was told that he had some artistic talent, but I  never bothered to take it seriously.  Instead of traveling the road of an artist, I decided to concentrate on scientific disciplines such as math and science. I later obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering and I am currently working in that field.
I started my artistic journey by experimenting with acrylic and oil paints. I later started to study and experiment with different abstract ways of capturing movement and energy.  During this experimental period, I was able to find my own unique style of expression.
My name is Kennis Baptiste
As my art form slowly evolved, the quality of my paintings improved and my knowledge and interest in fine arts also increased. As an urban artist of African and Caribbean decent, I believe that inspiration can be found almost anywhere.  All one has to do is open their eyes, keep an open mind and draw their inspiration from what they see in their community and in the world.
I am inspired by the works of Impressionist painters.  I greatly admire Picasso’s style of expression, Monet’s use of mass, and Cézanne’s use of color.  After producing a large number of paintings within a five year period, I decided to expose his work to the public.  The feedback that I received was overwhelming. The response from the audience and the realization of this gift inspired me to study and create more paintings.
My art is also influenced by mentors, friends and fellow artists in the fine arts community.  I feel that knowledge is the key to success, and I will continue to educate myself as I continue to travel on my artistic journey.

Kennis Baptiste

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