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Being an artist is about being present in the moment and transforming that instant of existence into a visual communication that inspires, endures and becomes an atmospheric catalyst or wellbeing. What does that mean?  That means that my task is not only to look, but to perceive; everyone and everything around me.  To translate all that is going on and channel that into the one vibration,the one common denominator that is resonating everywhere at that one instant in time.

My game is to harmonize all of that stimuli, get it down on a two dimensional plane and then shoot it back out into the world.  Applying my tools and artistic knowledge, I make all those nuances an enjoyable visible experience.  Then I look at it and others look at it and feel something good about it. The product is works of art that contribute to the beauty of the viewer’s environment.


Since 2013, the year she dedicated her lifelong painting skills to fine art, Lesley Koenig has achieved stellar accomplishments. Her abstracts have been juried into many shows including invitations to international online galleries and also winning an award.  So far in 2015, she has been selected for two solo exhibitions. Her inspiration is fueled by many elements; from classical art, architecture, music, nature and observing everyday life. Koenig was born in New York and studied at Parsons School of Design and The Art Students League.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

As a professional artist,   LESLEY KOENIG  goal is to make spaces more beautiful.  Choosing high grade, archival, museum grade materials ensures my products endure in beauty and value for generations to come.    Email her  at:  info@lesleykoenigfineart.com re questions on shipping charges on originals or to order custom paintings.

Purchase this CINCO DE MAYO-ORIGINAL   painting  :  HERE

Purchase this SAMBA painting  : HERE


Purchase this THROWING CONFETTI painting  :  HERE


Check out more of LESLEY KOENIG    Art Work : Here



I create art because it’s a need–like needing to breathe. Making art has been my favorite activity for as long as I can remember; probably going back before my earliest memory of being given a watercolor set at ag 6. I sat there painting for 12 hours! Hard to believe, but it happened!

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

My work is colorful, vibrant and energetic. It helps me to put more beauty in the world. That’s my main purpose in life. I’m very fortunate that my work helps not only me but others to connect with that fun, happy, wondrous, bright spark of individuality inside. Original art has timeless, magnetic and magical qualities of providing happiness, inspiration and sense of well being. It’s great to receive so many compliments about how my paintings help others to have, connect and reconnect with positive, pleasurable states of mind and experiences over and over again.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

Being a contemporary artist is the path in life that enables the best expression of myself. I work intuitively, picking up colors with no prior thought in mind. In creating each unique piece, I use layers of different mediums, surfaces, tools and techniques.

I strive to create a push-pull of opposites; flat against texture, a color against its opposite, shiny against matte. I love using palette knives, spatulas and whatever different and unconventional tools add to the mix. Using different mediums and varying the tools for different genres is a natural component of my creative process.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

There is no intention to develop something with a figurative reference, but this often emerges during the process. This always comes as a surprise and I don’t fight against it. As a former fashion designer and illustrator, I often find this very amusing. From that career, I bring a great sense of line, color, proportion, texture and the skill set to confidently and responsibly research, create and realize products that cater to a diversity of tastes.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

Although I embark with no set plan in mind, my instinctive reactions are based on years of being immersed in the arts. Each choice of medium, tools, each mark I put down on the surface, every brushstroke, the type of texture, the way the colors relate to one another and the decisions about the placement of every element in my composition–all this is based on my entire life history up to the moment I create a piece. You might say it’s impulse with a lot of history behind it.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

Painting for me is a journey rather than a destination. I observe, looking for clues and taking the turns I feel that lead to the happy outcome of a beautiful interplay of colors, textures and proportions that is uplifting to the onlooker. In creating a piece reaching that point brings me serenity.

Art & Photography Exhibition Presented by Fashion Sizzle

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