Sizzle Arts Fest

The first annual  Sizzle Arts & Photography Exhibition was presented by Fashion Sizzle  held on Sept 30, 2018 in Chelsea Manhattan.  Participating creatives and brands  included Jarold Eastman, Garvin Gray,  Kennis Baptiste , Robert V. Reid, Donovan Nelson, Debbie Eschoe, Answerd Stewart, Hawwaa Ibrahim, Willie Torbert,  Jamrock Clothing and   NUBIA Nubian Collection.  Sizzle Arts Festival provides a  platform  for independent artists, photographers, and clothing brands to showcase their brands  while  connecting collectors, galleries, and artists. Sizzle Arts Fest. Initiatives strive to create unique artist-led experiences and strengthen local art scenes.

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The Sizzle Arts Fest Initiative strives to create artist-led experiences and strengthen the local art scene.

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